My name is Megan Young and I am a professional clutter coach. My business goals ans passion is to help you become more organized, live simply, and find joy in an uncluttered lifestyle! We will work with any area you feel you just need to “get it together” – single rooms, homes, basements, garages, office space – you name it! My goal is that our services will be one and done. While we would love to continue working with you to get the fullness out of an uncluttered life – our hope is to establish the lifestyle you are looking for, teach you to manage that life, and ROCK that organization!

This business stems from the passion for organizing and the desire to help others. We strive to help each client to find the system that works best for them and their families. While establishing new organizational systems we will work to declutter, detach, and remove all the unnecessary items in the home that are sometimes just hard to let go. We will work together as a team to decide what you are truly looking for in a new lifestyle and what system will be most efficient. Appointments and projects will begin with a consultation visit to establish the needs and wants of your new clutter-free life. This consultation will also allow for assessment of the areas of interest and visualization of possible solutions. Following the consultation we will schedule and initial appointment to begin the projects and will work together to continue appointments until the projects are complete!

As previously mentioned, my goal is to be a one and done job. While we would love to continue working with you to create your desired lifestyle we hope to help you establish a lifestyle of organization, teach you to easily maintain this new lifestyle, ROCK your uncluttered life, and share with friends and family about the joy and satisfaction that you found through your time with “M.Y. clutter coach”.