About Me: Meet Meg

Hi, I’m Meg!

Thank you for coming by the Graceful Arrangements page to learn more about how we can help you with your organizing needs.  I am so excited to have you here!

You may be thinking, ” Who is this organizing chick?”  Well, let me introduce myself:

Again, I am Megan Young and I am the owner/lead organizer with Graceful Arrangements Organizing Solutions.  I started Graceful Arrangements in 2017 after a year of trials in 2016.  I wanted to find a “job” that I enjoyed, was passionate about, and could help people – ORGANIZING IT IS!  I love organizing and have always been passionate about keeping a tidy space, but getting to share that passion and help others find peace in simplicity is just THE BEST!

Outside of Graceful Arrangements – I am a wife, mother, daughter, and Christ follower!  I have been blessed with an amazing husband that supports my crazy dreams and helps me to strive to be the best me!  At the end of 2017 – we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Annabelle Grace.  She is truly my heart and the reason I do what I do – I pray she can see that she can do whatever makes her happy and she can help to change the world!  I have a wonderful family all around me and cannot believe how blessed I am for the support that they provide to me day in and day out.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you “EMBRACE YOUR SPACE”!